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How To Sell A Tenant-Occupied Property? 4 Tried and Tested Tips

But, first, the critical question is: Can you sell a tenanted property in Canada? The answer is yes. In fact, as a property owner, you will have two choices: one, you can have your tenants move out and sell vacant, and, two, you can sell it as an investment property without asking anybody to vacate. However, the realistic answer to the question isn't quite as simple as those two. There are situations...

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How Much Will It Cost To Buy A House?

There are many benefits to owning your own property, and you've already probably read many articles about its merits by now. Owning real estate in Canada has proven to be lucrative for individual homeowners and investors alike. The market is ripe for continued development and has historically been lauded as one of the more stable real estate environments for those seeking long-term returns. This is good...

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Buying Preconstruction Condos During COVID

Is it a good idea to purchase a pre-construction condo during the COVID pandemic? Well, for those looking for good deals in resale condos, some units are being sold under the asking price. But what about those looking to invest in pre-construction condos? Is it a favourable time for them? Many people have refrained from investing in condominiums since they don’t know what’s next. This happened...

The 5 Best Condo Developments in Vaughan

Vaughan is becoming the new sought after city in Canada due to its proximity to other communities. However , Vaughan offers more than that. With the plans of focusing on development and building a world-class city, major urban establishments are being constructed. For most people, it is a question finding the best condo developments in Vaughan Many new condo developments are being constructed in all...

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