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Multi-family real estate investments can be a great way to diversify your investment efforts and portfolio. More importantly, buying the right multi-family home for sale will guarantee steady income generation. There are different types of investment properties that investors can look into. However, when selecting an income property for sale, multi-family real estate investments offer a lot of financial upsides compared to other properties. When you buy a home designed for multi-family use, you can increase your income significantly while only incurring an incremental added cost.

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Choosing a Multi-Family Real Estate Investment Market

Multi-family homes for sale are numerous. As such, diligence in exploration, inspection and selecting the right markets is a huge need. This is what our asset selection team offers you. We focus on multi-family houses for sale in emerging markets with a high propensity for economic expansion.

At Real Estate Investment Company, we look for multi-family homes in areas characterized by:

  • People looking to live in the area, rather than leave
  • Jobs being created rapidly
  • Periodic increase in property and rent values
  • Government policies designed to boost job creation and capital investments
  • The absorption of oversupply

We understand that picking an emerging market to buy income property can be hugely difficult. Not to worry, we do all of the heavy liftings for you. At Real Estate Investment Company, picking a multi-family home for sale involves the assessment of the following:

  • Population growth
  • Population density
  • Ministry of Commerce reports
  • Local economic trends
  • Local economic reports
  • Path of progress briefs

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Value Add Strategies

When we add a multi-family home for sale to our investment portfolio, we are committed to finding opportunities to increase cash flow.

Value-adding components that we capitalize on for investor benefit include:

  • High vacancy rates
  • Rent set below market value
  • Deferred maintenance
  • Poor supervision
  • Mismanagement caused by owners handling asserts themselves

Some value increasing plays that we always seek to implement on multi-family homes for sale include:

  • Boost curb appeal by improving the landscape, adding dog parks etc. Tenants will pay more when the property is in better condition and has more amenities.
  • Buying an income property that is at least 10% under current market value for rent. This allows our asset management team to increase rent and consequently, the value of the property.
  • Improve the aesthetics of unit interiors with new appliances, countertops, floors and paint
  • Below market rents
  • Adding a laundry facility to the multi-family apartment building
  • Implementing a sewage and water bill-back system that will help charge residents fairly. This will offset maintenance expenses and increase cash flow drastically.

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Here at Real Estate Investment Company, we offer our partners top-notch services that they can trust every time. We are a real estate investment firm with a reputation for delivering positive returns on income property. We offer you the following:

We offer less investment risk

There are risks associated with all investment strategies. However, there are industry certified ways to mitigate the influence of risks on returns and the value of investment properties. The major risk associated with multi-family homes for sale is the vacancy rate.

Here at Real Estate Investment Company, we offer proven marketing, listing and advertising systems to boost your vacancy numbers. Our value-adding plays are also designed to increase the occupancy rate of multi-family income properties.

Top-notch asset management

As one of the leading real estate investment companies in Toronto, asset management is our fortè. We offer partners a wide range of alternative and traditional asset management strategies that will bolster the value of their multi-family homes. As part of our asset management services, we analyze market trends, estimate returns and make it easier to keep tabs on all of your multi-family assets.

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Buy a Multi-Family Home For Sale.

Today, ads broadcasting multi-family homes for sale are numerous. This is because multi-family homes in Toronto are a valued added real estate investment asset. Multi-family real estate investment involves the acquisition and management of housing properties reserved for buildings that have multiple units.

When the topic of multi-family homes for sale is being discussed, the seller is referring to apartment complexes with several spaces that can be rented. If you are looking to buy income property in Toronto, purchasing a multi-family home for sale is a logical first step.

Asides from the obvious benefits in terms of income, owning multi-family real estate investment assets means that investors can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Investors can occupy one unit while renting out the rest.
  • Income from rent can help investors pay their own mortgage
  • Multi-family homes for sale typically share the same living amenities. This brings down the cost of maintenance and management drastically.
  • The sheer number of tenants means that investors can mitigate the influence of vacancy risks.
  • Multi-family real estate investment offers diverse options for financing.
  • Buying multi-family houses for sale equals owning less volatile assets.
  • Like all other real estate investment assists, they will appreciate over time.

Buying multi-family income properties for sale offers investors diverse advantages. Here at Real Estate Investment Company, our business strategy is designed to help you harness these advantages.

We offer clients looking for multi-family real estate investment opportunities the following services:

  • Fund management
  • Acquisition Research
  • Acquisitions and Dispositions
  • Asset management
  • Financing and marketing

We are a reliable real estate investment and asset management firm. Our extensive experience and, transparency makes us the perfect team to handle your multi-family real estate investment portfolio.

Multi-Family Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Investment Company is here to make choosing one out of the many multi-family houses for sale easier. As one of the leading real estate investment companies in Toronto, we are hugely focused on the management and acquisition of multi-family properties for sale that will only increase in value.

We have a team of real estate professionals with extensive background experience in the management, acquisition and financing of multi-family real estate investment portfolios.

Multi-Family Real Estate Investments – Our Strategy.

When it comes to multi-family real estate investments, our core mission is to protect partner capital. Typically, multi-family houses for sale are one of the least volatile real estate asset classes. Additionally, when you buy income property in the multi-family class, you can enjoy a strong upside potential during significant upcycles. Our investment strategy is designed to significantly strengthen the position of your investment portfolio.

Looking to buy income property in Toronto? Multi-family houses for sale offer significant asset value due to the imbalance between the demand and supply of these income properties. Our multi-family real estate investment strategy is designed to take advantage of this market situation for our partners.

Acquisition Measures

The following criteria are used to determine and identify undervalued multi-family homes for sale. This critical first step is important for value optimization and asset increase.

Property Criteria

  • Must be multi-family residential units
  • Apartment buildings with pitched roof construction are preferred
  • The occupancy ratio must be above 80%. This criterion can be waived for multi-family homes that require renovation.
  • Must be centrally located
  • Offer value-add opportunities for investors

Market Segments

  • Renters who earn over $30,000 annually
  • Rent is 25% or less of the average income
  • Retiring baby boomers enjoying maintenance-free multi-family living

Target Values

  • Size: Over 50+ units
  • Price: Multi-family units in the $5MM – $50MM range
  • Age: Less than 50 years old

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