Income Property Financing

Loans for investment property are an absolute necessity in the world of real estate investments. There is a simple reason behind this ideology. Buying income property requires a substantial amount of upfront payments. For many would-be investors in Toronto, making these payments with liquid cash is almost impossible. This is why many investors search for alternative ways of financing an investment property.

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Income property financing .

Income property financing can be very complex for new investors. In fact, most first-time investors find it hard to find the right financing vehicle to fund their long term real estate investment plans. In fact, many investors sometimes end up making the wrong choice. In the end, it becomes almost impossible to sustain investment property after purchase. In worst-case scenarios, choosing the wrong loan for an investment property can have significant negative implications for the financial standing of prospective investors.

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Income Property Financing

If you are looking to buy, owner-occupied property, you can find loans requiring a 10% down payment. With an FHA loan, you can even pay as little as 3.5%. However, most mortgage plans require 20% down for an investment property loan.

Depending on the type of income property you are looking to invest in, a mortgage may be your best route to financing an investment property. If you will be renting out the property, you can offset monthly mortgage payments with regular rental income. Discuss with our financing experts to determine if a mortgage is right for you.

Government-backed loans for investors

Income property financing is easier with government-backed VA or FHA loans. If you are looking to buy an owner-occupied investment property, you can enjoy down payments of as little as 3.5%. Your credit score may determine how much you have to pay as a down payment.

To qualify for a government-backed investment property loan, the income property must be your primary place of residence for at least a year. Additionally, you have to move in within 60 days of purchasing the property. A government-backed loan is usually a great option if you are purchasing a duplex, triplex or fourplex. With any of these income properties, you can live in one of the units and still get rental income from the other units.

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Options for Financing an Investment Property.

This income property financing method is a great way to purchase investment property designed for rental purposes or investment property renovations. Depending on your financial situation, you can borrow up to 80% of your home’s primary equity value.

This method of financing an investment property comes with a number of considerations. Monthly payments usually interest only and interest rates can increase with changes in the prime rate. Discuss with our financing experts to see if a home equity investment property loan is right for you.

Commercial residential real estate loans

Designed for seasoned investors, this loan for investment property is perfect for investors with multiple real estate holdings. Over time, we have found that this type of loan is perfect for multiple house owners and investors looking to fix and flip properties.

This type of loan comes with shorter terms and higher than usual interest rates. Rather than assessing your job history, most lenders will provide this loan for investment property based on your investment portfolio. This makes it perfect for regular investors with at least two investment properties in their portfolio.

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Financing investment property is a major financial decision that should be handled by experts. Sometimes, opting to go for the wrong investment property loan can affect the success of your real estate investment and even your financial situation.Therefore, when it comes to income property financing, whether it’s a mortgage or a loan, the right step is to seek expert help. As one of the leading real estate investment companies in Toronto, we are proud to be able to provide solutions to your financing issues.


When it comes to income property financing, transparency is of utmost importance. Choosing Fine Homes Real Estate means that you are choosing a real estate investment trust that offers you total transparency.Our financing team will take the time to help you understand why a mortgage or a loan for investment property is the best option for you. We don’t work autonomously. This is why we always provide investor partners with an open line of communication.Investor partners are encouraged to ask questions about different ways of financing an investment property. We won’t take any major steps without informing you. Additionally, if you are not comfortable with our recommendations, our financing experts are ready to go back to the drawing board.


Sometimes, income property financing can be a complicated maze. Selecting the right kind of mortgage plan or loan for an investment property can be a tough endeavour. However, this process can be made considerably easier with the assistance of experienced financing experts.

Real Estate Investment Company is home to financing specialists with multiple years of experience providing financing solutions for investors at all levels. Your financial solution may be unique. However, it’s nothing our financing team can’t handle.Let us use our experience to help you provide answers to your income property needs. We have extensive experience with the real estate market. Also, we understand how different types of investment property loans work. Our financing team can put all of this special knowledge to good use for you


Financing an investment property requires long term planning. The goal of taking out a mortgage or getting loans for investment property is to make a profit from this capital. However, the simple truth is that you’ll be hard-pressed to start getting positive returns immediately after your investment.This is why planning is vital. An excellent real estate investment trust will help you devise a plan to sustain your real estate investment until it starts generating positive returns. As part of selecting the right mortgage plan for investors, our financing team takes the long term implications of the investment into consideration. Our final recommendations are only made after considering the long term viability of the real estate investment and ensuring that it is sustainable.Real Estate Investment Company is one of the leading providers of financing services in Toronto. Our financing services are designed to help both new and experienced investor partners find the perfect funding for their real estate investment projects. Our experts will take the time to understand your financing needs and offer solutions that work. Contact us today to get financing for your investment property!

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Choosing to get a mortgage or a loan for investment property is a huge step. We understand the importance of choosing the right strategy for income property financing. Therefore, our real estate investment experts take the time to assess your financial situation and choose the best kind of mortgage or investment property loan that will fit your needs.

Financing investment property is unique to different investors. This means that the kind of mortgage that works for an investor may not be the best option for the next investor. Today, there are more ways of financing an investment property than ever before. Basically, selecting the right strategy for your investment needs whether a mortgage or an investment property loan is dependent on the following:

  • The type of income property
  • The amount of capital needed
  • The condition of the real estate investment

At Real Estate Investment Company, we use due diligence to help you with financing an investment property. Our financing team will take factors such as the type of investment portfolio you are interested in, personal financial assessments and investment strategies to determine the best income property financing scheme that will work for you.

Do you need help financing an investment property? Can’t decide between a mortgage or an investment property loan? Sit down and discuss possible options with our financing specialists.

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Do you need help with income property financing? Real Estate Investment Company has got you covered. We are one of the leading real estate investment trusts in Toronto and the GTA. As such, we offer excellent services that encompass every aspect of investing in real estate in Toronto including financing.

Are you thinking of getting loans for an investment property? Perhaps you want to invest in real estate and need to take out a mortgage? Contact Real Estate Investment Company today. We are home to a team of financing experts that will help you select the right financing option to purchase an investment property.

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