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Vaughan is a quiet city with a vibrant vibe North of Toronto. It’s among the fastest-growing cities in Canada, which can be seen through its thriving economy and real estate market. The city is home to some of the best attraction sites and shopping centres in Canada, including Vaughan Mills and Canada’s Wonderland.

If you’re looking to invest or buy a home outside Toronto’s busy streets, Vaughan might just be the perfect city for you. Developers, investors, and businesses are busy setting up in Vaughan, and it’s for ideal reasons. The city is growing fast, and you should be part of it.

Let’s have a look at the city and why it’s an excellent choice for real estate investment.

Why Should You Invest in Vaughan Real Estate?

Real Estate Development

Although Vaughan is regarded as a suburban city, it has been undergoing massive development in all sectors, including real estate. Currently, almost all Vaughan regions are experiencing growth in real estate, especially residential real estate. As the market continues to thrive, investors and homeowners are looking to secure a suite in some of the best new and pre-construction developments.

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is the downtown of Vaughan and the centre of the current boom in residential real estate. This area, located at Jane Street and Highway 7, has undergone extensive revitalization over the years, including commercial, transit, and residential development. There are numerous new and pre-construction condos within this area perfect for investors looking to invest in Vaughan’s core, for example, the CG Tower. Other regions are also undergoing revitalization and have great developments, for instance, Abeja Condos in Concord and Daniels Beverly Condos in Thornhill.

There are many new and pre-construction condominiums in Vaughan, and more are yet to come as the real estate market continues to grow. Invest early and benefit from year-over-year growth.

Growing Economy

Businesses continue to increase in Vaughan as developers and corporations work together to revitalize the city. More than 10,000 businesses and numerous real estate developments are set to flood the city over the next few years, bringing services and products closer to the residents. This will also create employment opportunities for many individuals.

One development that will boost the economy and better the residents’ lives is the new Mackenzie Hospital. The hospital will create 1900 jobs directly and many others indirectly, which will positively influence Vaughan’s economy.


Although Vaughan is a suburban city, it has many entertainment spots for the whole family, making it an exciting place to reside. One of the largest and most popular amusement parks in Canada, Canada’s Wonderland, is located in Vaughan. This park is over 133-hectares and has more than 200 attractions, including 11 watersports, 17 rollercoasters, and more. The park is home to the world’s tallest drop coaster, the Yukon Striker. The Boyd Conservation also provides a great space for family picnics. Apart from these exciting parks, Vaughan has many sports complexes, movie theatres, and other entertainment centres where residents can relax and have fun.


Most of the new and pre-construction condos are close to the best amenities in Vaughan. Therefore, residents will have easy access to stores, restaurants, schools, health facilities, and more. One of the most prominent amenities in this city is Vaughan Mill. It has more than 200 retailers, including top brands such as North Face, Fossil, and Globo Stores, and an array of dining and entertainment options. Other shopping centres in Vaughan include Promenade Mall, Seven/400 Power Centre, Colossus Centre, and more.

  Schools, including York University, and healthcare facilities, such as the new Mackenzie Hospital, are also a short walk or commute from new and pre-construction condos in Vaughan.

The ease of access to everyday necessities makes Vaughan an excellent city to invest in condos. Contact our investment experts to know some of the most suitable condo developments to invest in.

Average Condo Price for Vaughan in 2021

The condo real estate market in Vaughan is growing fast by the year, and the prices are slowly increasing. On average, the prices for new and pre-construction condos in Vaughan increase at a rate of 10.1% p.a.

The average price for pre-construction condos is approximately $430,000. Keep in mind that this is just an average price, and the actual price for specific condos varies as per floorplan, developer, and other factors.

The average rental price is $2,500, and the average resale price is $950,000.

As an investor, the best time to invest in new and pre-construction condos in Vaughan is now. This will ensure that your capital appreciates as the market continues to grow. Contact our investment experts to make a well-informed purchase. 

About Vaughan

The city of Vaughan is on the northern side of Toronto, in the Regional Municipality of York. It’s one of the fastest-growing metropolitans in Canada. It has a strong economy and an exponentially growing real estate market.

As of 2016, the city had a population of 306,233, and its excepted to hit 416,600 by 2031. The population is diverse as it comprises 45% immigrants and 27% visible minorities, with almost 100 distinct languages. The community is spread across several partitions of the city, including the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, Thornhill, Concord, Maple, Woodbridge, and Kleinberg.

Vaughan is a city with easy access to plenty of amenities, including schools, stores, eateries, health facilities, extensive transit systems, and more. From most new and pre-construction condos in the city, residents will be close to everyday necessities, making it perfect for families, students, and individuals working in Toronto and other nearby towns.

Vaughan is undergoing a real estate market boom, with planned, undergoing, and completed developments all over the city, especially in its municipality centre. The city will be full of dynamic master-planned communities that you shouldn’t miss out on. As an investor or potential homeowner, this is the right time to invest. Contact our real estate investment experts for more information about Vaughan condo real estate.

Accessibility / Getting Around Vaughan

Vaughan has several transportation systems that enable residents to get around the city and travel to other GTA regions, including Toronto, which is 30 minutes from Vaughan. The city has several expressways, including Hwy 7, Hwy 407, Hwy 400 and Hwy 27. This makes it easy for motorists to travel to other York municipalities, Toronto, other GTA cities and beyond.

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre subway station, an extension of the TTC, creates transit convenience for the residents. Condo residents have access to the Go Transit system, YRT, TTC, and Viva bus transit, which provide local transportation services and direct connection to subway stations from most condo developments.

More subway stations are to be developed by the city to enhance transportation as the city grows. With such an extensive transit system, Vaughan is an excellent city to reside in as going to work, school, or any other city in the GTA is rather convenient. As an investor, having a suite in Vaughan is an excellent investment as they’ll be plenty of people looking to rent or buy condos as the city continues to thrive. Get in touch with our investment experts, and explore new and pre-construction condos in Vaughan.


What’s the best area to invest in a new or pre-construction condo in Vaughan?

Vaughan is undergoing significant real estate development in several areas, including Thornhill, Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, and Maple. One of the hottest neighbourhoods is the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC), as the city and developers are turning it into the city’s downtown. As there are many areas under development, it’s hard for most investors to select the best project to invest in. To narrow it down, one should consider their budget, location of the development, the developer, amenities within and near the condos, and several other factors. Contact our real estate investment experts, and they’ll help you pick the best development based on your needs.

What is VMC?

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) is the new Vaughan’s downtown. It’s being revitalized to become a modern urban centre with a dynamic vibe. The VMC features commercial towers, high and low rise condos, green spaces, extensive transit systems, and countless everyday amenities. This area is perfect for businesses and companies as the population continues to increase.

The VMC has a subway station, which connects it to Toronto and the rest of the GTA. It also has other transit options, including Go and VIVA transit systems.

How can I benefit from investing in the Vaughan condo real estate market?

As an investor, investing in a fast-growing city such as Vaughan makes an excellent investment. With a pre-construction condo investment, one can benefit from capital appreciation, rental income, and selling the condo. Contact our real estate experts to learn more about the benefits of investing in a new or pre-construction condo in Vaughan. 

How long does it take to build a pre-construction condo in Vaughan?

Pre-construction condos take approximately 3-5 years to be built. The time taken depends on the development, developer, and size of the project, among other factors.

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