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Hamilton, otherwise known as the Steel Capital of Canada, is an industrial city in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, Ontario. Its manufacturing industries, and the rapidly growing research industries, have contributed significantly to the city’s growing economy. Hamilton’s growth and promising future have led to a boom in real estate, particularly residential real estate.

There are numerous new and pre-construction developments in Hamilton from renowned developers, and more are still underway. As the city’s real estate market is still growing, it’s the right time to make your condo investment before prices skyrocket.

Dive in to find out why Hamilton is an excellent investment opportunity.

Why Should You Invest in Hamilton Real Estate?


Hamilton is an industrial city with a ton of manufacturing industries that have contributed to its growth. The industries provide substantial employment opportunities to the residents, which is evidenced by its low unemployment rate of about 4.7%. New industrial sectors, including research industries, are beginning to pop up in Hamilton, contributing to its economic growth. The city is in between Toronto and the USA, making it one of Canada’s most vital ports, which also contributes to its economy.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions are among primary considerations when renting or purchasing a condo. There are many elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools in Hamilton, making it a perfect city to invest in a pre-construction condo. One of the most-reputable institutions is McMaster University, which enrolls approximately 30,000 students per year. This creates a demand for accommodation, and as a condo investor, you can benefit from it by purchasing a condo close to such institutions.

Other schools in Hamilton include Brock University, Mohawk College and McMaster Divinity College, among others.

To Do: Entertainment, Eateries, and Attractions

Hamilton is one of the most family-friendly cities to reside in. There are a ton of fun and entertaining things to do with your family and friends.

The African Lion Safari is one of the best attractions in Hamilton. It’s home to more than 1,000 exquisite animals and birds, including lions, rhinos, and giraffes. The animals and birds are in different sections of the park, including Nairobi Sanctuary, African Queen, Timbavati Lion Country, and Simba Loin Country.

If you want more involving and fun activities, The Confederation Park is a short drive or walk away from most new and pre-construction condo developments in Hamilton. Both adults and kids have numerous activities to keep them entertained, including a massive wave pool.

Hamilton has diverse communities, which hold celebrations and festivities to celebrate their cultures and interact. This makes the city perfect for families from all over the world. For more entertainment, major cities, including Mississauga and Toronto, are nearby, and they have more festivities.

Hamilton is home to great eateries, including, The French, Berkeley North, and The Mule. Each eatery spot offers an exquisite cuisine experience, and makes an excellent place for dinner or lunch with family and friends.

As a Hamilton condo resident, there is always something entertaining or relaxing nearby for the whole family. Invest in this thriving city and reap the benefits of property appreciation.

Average Condo Price for Hamilton in 2021

One of the main reasons investors, families, and young professionals are rushing to find elegant new and pre-construction condos in Hamilton is because of its low prices. As the city is still growing in residential real estate, the prices are still low.

The average price for pre-construction condos in Hamilton in 2021 is approximately $350,000. This makes its condos the cheapest, compared to those in Toronto, Mississauga, and other nearby cities.

Condo average rent, on the other hand, is $1,200.

The average condo resale price is approximately $595,500, which is rapidly increasing due to demand.

Invest in Hamilton pre-construction condos when the prices are still favourable, especially for new investors, and benefit as the city continues to grow. Contact our real estate experts, and they’ll help you make a well-informed investment.

About Hamilton

Hamilton is a city located on Lake Ontario, in the Greater Golden Horseshoe region of Canada. It’s the 3rd largest city in Ontario and the 9th largest city in the country. Hamilton is an industrial powerhouse, with many manufacturing industries and research industries. Its many years in the steel production sector has earned it the title The Steel Capital of Canada.

Its ideal position on Lake Ontario, and in between Toronto and the USA, makes it a crucial port in Canada. This is also one of the main reasons why many industries chose to position themselves in Hamilton.

The metropolitan of Hamilton, which includes several small towns that were amalgamated into the city, has a population of more than 767,000 as of 2020. This population is diverse, making the town perfect for any individual to reside in. The population continues to increase by the year, creating a demand for rental and resale homes, including condos. Investing in the city’s pre-construction condos is an excellent idea as the prices are low, and you’ll have access to a good market.

The city has many conveniences close to condo developments, including parks, stores, shopping centres, golf courses, top-performing schools, restaurants, and more.

Hamilton is growing fast, and even the federal government is funding it to boost its industrial sector. Its economic strength has increased its real estate growth, especially in the residential condo sector. Invest in its growing real estate by getting in touch with our investment experts.


Hamilton is highly accessible through several transit systems. Most of the new and pre-construction condo developments have a high transit and walk score, creating convenience for the residents to run errands seamlessly.

The Queen Elizabeth Way runs through the city and connects it to the Greater Toronto Area and other parts of Ontario. It also connects to other major expressways, such as the Gardiner Expressway, making transit to other destinations from Hamilton a breeze.

Commuters have access to the Hamilton Go Station, which connects them to Union Station in Toronto. This creates an easier way to travel, especially when the QEW has traffic, and you don’t want to drive. For local travel, HSR public transport is easily accessible. It connects residents to different neighbourhoods within the city through bus transit. The HSR is also introducing BLAST, an extensive light rail transit system that will connect residents to local communities.

Hamilton is also home to The John C. Munro International Airport, which offers commercial flights throughout Canada and the USA. The airport also provides a way for the industries in Hamilton to ship their products.

Hamilton residents have easy access to different neighbourhoods in the city and the GTA. The new and pre-construction condo development sites have excellent transit convenience, making them a good investment. Contact Turnkey Real Estate Investment Experts, and we’ll help you invest in highly accessible Hamilton pre-construction condos.


Where in Hamilton should I invest?

Hamilton is thriving in real estate, and some of the neighbourhoods are great to invest in than others. This is mainly due to the accessibility of amenities such as transit systems, shopping centres, and healthcare facilities. Some of the best regions in Hamilton to invest in include the Urban Growth Centre, which is at the intersection of James and King Corridor, the western side of the city in the McMaster University neighbourhood, Queen Street West, Beasley Park, and more. Contact our investment experts, and they’ll help you select the best pre-construction condos to invest in.

What are the benefits of investing in Hamilton’s pre-construction condos?

As an investor, Hamilton is a great investment opportunity due to several factors. First, the prices are approximately 40% the price of Toronto condos per square footage. This makes the pre-construction condos affordable for most investors, especially first-timers. Another benefit of investing in Hamilton pre-construction condos is that the city is growing fast, which will lead to an increase in resale prices due to higher demand. As a pre-construction investment, you’ll pay your deposit in a well-structured payment plan, which is advantageous. By working with our experts, you’ll have premium access to the best condos in Hamilton.

How long does it take to build pre-construction condos in Hamilton?

It takes between 3-5 years to complete a pre-construction condo development in Hamilton. The exact time taken depends on the developer, the size of the project, and other factors. Before making your investment, you should confer with your developer about the project’s timeline.

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