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Burlington is a waterfront city located ideally between Lake Ontario and Niagara, two of the most prestigious destinations in Canada. Its situated right in the middle of the Greater Golden Horseshoe, making it an excellent city to invest or reside in.

Like most cities in the GTA, Burlington is undergoing massive revitalization in real estate. Despite being a small town, it’s one of the best places to live in as residents can conveniently access numerous urban amenities and enjoy beautiful attractions in the city. As an investor or a potential homeowner, it’s a great city to purchase a new or pre-construction condominium. Why? Well, let’s dive in and find out.

Why Should You Invest in Burlington Real Estate?


Burlington has many spots for residents to purchase everyday products. First, the streets are lined with stores and high-end retailers, providing residents with easy access to quality products. There are also several shopping malls, which are a short walk or drive away from most new and pre-construction condo developments. One reputable shopping centre is the Maple View Centre, which houses many retailers, including H&M, Apple, Lululemon, Aritzia, Sephora, Zara, and more. There are also many professional services offered at this mall.

Favourable Real Estate Market

Compared to other real estate markets in the GTA, including Toronto and Mississauga, Burlington’s real estate market is advantageous in terms of condo prices. The city has some of the lowest rates for new and pre-construction condos, making it a perfect option for first-time buyers, young professionals, and individuals looking to live in a quiet, serene environment.

The city’s real estate is growing steadily, and in the next few years, both resale and pre-construction condo prices will have increased significantly. Therefore, this is the right time to invest in Burlington condos and benefit from the expected growth. Also, the city’s vacancy rate is below 1.1%, which points to the demand for exquisite housing.


Burlington has many other amenities besides its amazing shopping spots that provide access to an array of retailers and services. It has many eateries that offer different cuisines and beautiful views of the waterfront, including Boston Pizza and Kelsey. There are also cafes, professional services, extensive transit systems, and many other urban conveniences. The city also holds major festivals and events in some of the best spaces in the GTA, including the Burlington Performing Arts Centre and the Art Gallery of Burlington.

If you’re looking to spend time with your family, there are beautiful green spaces and over 119 parks where you can have endless fun or relaxation as you enjoy nature at its best. Some of the parks include Taywood Park, Norton Community Park, and Doug Wright Park. For even more fun and beautiful attractions, Niagara Falls is nearby.

Top healthcare and educational facilities are also easily accessible from condo developments in Burlington. One of Burlington’s top hospitals is the Joseph Brant Hospital, which the city has greatly invested in to ensure quality healthcare services.

Average Condo Price for Burlington in 2021

Burlington residential real estate is growing fast as families, students, young professionals, and other individuals look for affordable and exquisite housing. Its average price for pre-construction condos is $395,000, which is very affordable for potential homeowners and investors compared to other cities.

This, however, is an average price, and the actual price for individual condos varies as per the developer, floor plans, and location. The average price continues to increase at a rate of approximately 10% p.a., meaning it’s the perfect time to invest before the prices skyrocket.

On the other hand, the average condo rental rate is $2,200, and the resale price is approximately $770,000. These prices are increasing rapidly due to demand, and as an investor, you can benefit from this by investing in Burlington pre-construction condos.

About Burlington

Burlington is a waterfront city in the Regional Municipality of Halton. It’s situated on the east side of Lake Ontario, offering the residents gorgeous lakeside views. Niagara Escarpment and Toronto are only 45 minutes away from the city, making it a great neighbourhood to reside in.

Compared to GTA’s major cities, Burlington is mid-sized. It has a population of more than 190,000 individuals. The population is diverse, with communities from all over the world. The diversity makes it an excellent location to raise a family. The residents also get to enjoy different cuisines and festivities as they celebrate different cultures. According to more than 95% of the population, life in Burlington is satisfactory and vibrant.

Real estate is on the rise in Burlington, just like in most of the GTA cities. Reputable developers have many projects that are aiming to provide exceptional suites and services for the residents. Most condo developments feature exquisite resident exclusive amenities, including workspaces, gardens, play areas, and gymnasiums.

Burlington has an array of amenities, including parks, high-end retailers, quaint restaurants, stores, cafés, shopping centres, art gallery centres, gorgeous trails, and transit systems. These amenities are accessible from new and pre-construction condo developments, making the residents’ lives comfortable and convenient.

Invest in new or pre-construction condos in this growing city and benefit from property appreciation. Contact our real estate investment experts, and they’ll help you make a sound investment.

Accessibility / Getting Around Burlington

Burlington is one of the most accessible cities. To back this up, it has won several awards, including the Smart Commute Award in 2008 and the Walkability Award of Excellence in 2010. Most condo developments have a walk score of 80% and above, as most amenities are a short walk away. This enables residents to run their errands conveniently.

The city has various transit options, including arterial highways, that connect residents to different Burlington neighbourhoods and other cities across the GTA. Some major throughways in the city include Hwy 407, Hwy 403, and Queen Elizabeth Way, which provide a convenient way to travel to Toronto, Niagara Falls, Mississauga, and other parts of GTA.

Go transit systems are also available in the city. These include the Go bus station on Fairview Street and the Aldershot Go train station, which provide fast and reliable transit to nearby areas. Other transport options are the Burlington train station and Appleby train station, both located on Fairview Street.

With such extensive transit systems and walkable neighbourhoods, Burlington is one of the most accessible cities. This makes it perfect for families and individuals looking to live in a community with easy access to amenities and other cities. Contact us today to learn more about Burlington.


What are the benefits of investing in Burlington?

There are many benefits to investing in Burlington. First, its location in the GTA and Halton region is ideal as it’s connected to many cities through expressways and transit systems. This makes it perfect for individuals who work or study in the nearby cities. Another benefit of investing in Burlington is the continually growing economy and real estate as it ensures that your investment will appreciate throughout the years.

Easy access to urban amenities and other everyday necessities is another advantage of investing in Burlington pre-construction condos. Condo residents have an easy time as stores, restaurants, parks, schools, and hospitals are near most developments.

These are just a few benefits of investing in new and pre-construction condos in Burlington. For more information, contact our experts.

Where should I invest in Burlington?

Burlington is a small lakefront city, and most of its regions are undergoing residential real estate development. However, one should carefully choose where they invest as some areas are growing faster and are more prime than others. For example, condos closest to the waterfront are an excellent investment. Contact Turnkey Real Estate Investment Experts to learn about pre-construction condos in different parts of Burlington. They’ll help you select the best pre-construction development to invest in, based on your needs.

What is interim occupancy?

Interim occupancy is the period between when a condo buyer moves into their suite to when ownership of the condo is transferred to them. Interim occupancy usually occurs before construction is complete and ends once the development is ready. Note that during this period, the suite is not yours since ownership has not yet been transferred to you.

How long does it take to complete a condo project in Burlington?

The time taken to complete a condo development in Burlington is dependent on the developer, size of the development, and individual builder timeline. On average, however, it takes between 3-5 years to build a condo tower. Always consult with your developer on the expected date of completion.

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