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Once a quiet residential area, Mississauga is rapidly growing, and it’s now one of the most sort-after regions by residential investors and prospective homeowners in the GTA. This is thanks to major developers who are redeveloping Mississauga with urban amenities and condominiums, giving it an urban feel while maintaining its relaxing lifestyle.

There are many reasons why investors and homeowners are rushing in to purchase pre-construction condos in Mississauga. Don’t be left out! Dive in and see why Mississauga is the perfect location to buy/ invest in a condo.

Why Should You Invest in Mississauga Real Estate?

Growing Economy and Employment Opportunities

Mississauga is home to more than 1,300 multinational companies, including 61+ Fortune 500 Companies. These companies have set up in Mississauga because of its strategic location to the Pearson International Airport and proximity to Toronto. Mississauga has more than 80,000 unique businesses, employing more than 420,000 workers in total. Some top employers include Kruger Products, PepsiCo, FedEx, General Electric, and Microsoft.

As the area continues to grow, local authorities project that the region will employ more than 700,000 workers. This means that Mississauga will continue to increase in population, which will increase the demand for unique housing, including condos.

The continuous growth in the economy and an increase in employment opportunities create a suitable environment for investors. Investing in pre-construction condos in Mississauga means investing in a prosperous future.

Booming Real Estate

The Mississauga real estate has grown exponentially over the years, especially the residential real estate market. Currently, there are a ton of exciting new and pre-construction developments across Mississauga. Investors and homeowners alike are on the hunt for the most promising sites in terms of capital appreciation, suitable living conditions, cost vs value, and proximity to amenities.

Square One district has the highest demand for condos as this is the core of Mississauga, and it has the best view of the city and easy access to everyday necessities. Other areas are also growing, and this is evident as new residential towers are rising every year, and the price for condos in Mississauga is steadily increasing.

Take the opportunity to invest/ purchase a condo in Mississauga and benefit from the exponentially growing real estate market.


As a condo resident in Mississauga, one will have easy access to everyday necessities, including cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, and educational institutions.

Square One Shopping Centre, the second largest shopping Centre in Canada, is in the heart of Mississauga and close to many upcoming developments in the Square One Area. This shopping centre houses more than 360 stores, providing unique products and services to the residents. Other major shopping centres in Mississauga include Westwood Square, Sheridan Centre, Erin Mills Town Centre, Dixie Outlet Mall, and more. The availability of numerous shopping centres in Mississauga means that condo residents will have easy access to everyday necessities.

Mississauga has top Educational institutions, including secondary and post-secondary schools. This includes the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus in Erin Mills, which accommodates more than 13,000 students. Top health facilities are also available throughout the city, including the Credit Valley Hospital.

Mississauga is home to more than 480 parks where families and friends can have endless recreational activities. Apart from exciting parks and beautiful nature spots, Mississauga is full of entertainment and fun. Playdium, iFly, and Celebration Square are just a few of the places where residents can have a taste of the city’s entertainment life.

Average Condo Price for Mississauga in 2021

Mississauga condo real estate is growing fast, and the prices are slowly increasing as more residential towers rise. On average, the real estate market is showing an 8.7% rise in prices.

Currently, the average price for pre-construction condos in Mississauga is approximately $380,000. Keep in mind that this is just the average price. The actual cost of condos varies as per the floorplan, developer, location, and other factors.

The average resale price for condos is approximately $760,000.

Contact our real estate investment experts to enquire about the price of specific pre-construction condos in Mississauga.

About Mississauga

Mississauga is a Canadian city located next to Lake Ontario’s lakefront and on Toronto’s western border. It’s 30 minutes away from Toronto. Mississauga is an extensive city with a strong economy, second only to Downtown Toronto. Its strong economy is attributed to The Pearson International Airport, the busiest airport in Canada.

According to Statistics Canada, Mississauga has a population of around 769,050. It’s estimated that by 2031, the city will be home to more than 812,000 individuals. Its population is diverse, making the city perfect for every individual looking to experience different cultural festivities and cuisines.

The city is full of amenities, including restaurants, cafes, theatres, parks, government offices, and numerous transit systems. This makes it an excellent location for families and students as they’ll always be a short walk or drive away from everyday necessities.

Mississauga is currently undergoing massive real estate development in three main areas, i.e., Square One Area, Port Credit, and Erin Mills. These three locations have a high demand for exquisite condos, and developers are delivering breathtaking condo towers. For investors and potential homeowners, there is an array of suites to choose from, and since the areas are growing fast, this is the right time to invest in new and pre-construction projects. Get in touch with our investment experts to explore your investment options in Mississauga.

Accessibility / Getting Around Mississauga

Being next to Canada’s largest city has its perks, including access to extensive transit systems. The city is connected to six major expressways, including Hwy 403, Hwy 401, Hwy 407, Hwy 410, Hwy 427, and QEW, allowing residents to conveniently travel to the neighbouring cities, including Toronto and Quebec City.

Mississauga residents have access to three railway lines, which provide transit to the airport, Downtown Toronto, and other parts of the GTA. Go Transit busses also offer efficient services to the residents, with stops at Port Credit, Square One, Erin Mills, Clarkson, Dixie, Crooksville, and other locations.

MiWay bus services, which utilize the Presto electronic fare card, provide an exceptional way for residents to move around Mississauga. They are integrated with ramps and securement areas, providing a comfortable way for residents using wheelchairs and scooters to travel around the city.

Mississauga Transitway, a dedicated travel corridor that runs parallel to Hwy 403, also provides a convenient and dependable way for residents to travel to different parts of the GTA while evading any congestion.

Once the Hurontario LRT is completed (a transit system currently under construction), it will also contribute to convenient travel throughout Mississauga.

With a wide range of transport options, Mississauga is one of the most accessible cities in Canada. This means that condo residents in this city can go to work, school, shopping, or run other errands with convenience. Invest in one of the new or pre-construction condos in Mississauga, and benefit from its extensive transit systems.


What’s the best area to invest in a condo in Mississauga?

Three neighbourhoods are currently undergoing massive revitalization in Mississauga, i.e., Square One, Port Credit, and Erin Mills. These are the best areas to make your condo investment in Mississauga. Any condo development in these regions is close to major shopping centres and other vital amenities.

How do I determine the best condo to invest in?

Choosing the condo to invest in is quite involving, and it requires a close look into several factors. The first determiner of a good condo is the developer. Select a development by a reputable developer and, if possible, visit some of their completed condos to have a more in-depth look at their work. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve picked the right developer and development, take time to select a suite that meets all your requirements, including floorplans, finishes, and building’s amenities.

Other determiners of a good condo include your budget and its location. Turnkey Real Estate Investment Experts help investors select the best condo to invest in based on all their requirements. Our years of experience and expertise make us the best agents in real estate investment.

How do I benefit by investing in a pre-construction condo in Mississauga?

When you invest in a pre-construction condo in Mississauga, you can benefit from capital appreciation and rental income. Capital appreciation is the value a property gains over the years since the day of your investment. Contact our experts to learn more about the benefits of investing in pre-construction condos in Mississauga.

How long does it take to build pre-construction condos in Mississauga?

A high-rise pre-construction condo takes between 3-5 years to be completed. The time taken depends on the developer, approval process, and size of the project, among other factors.

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