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Are you looking to buy income property for sale in Toronto? Real Estate Investment Company is home to extensive listings that include the best duplex houses for sale.

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Advantages of Buying a Duplex House For Sale.

Owning investment property in Toronto offers huge potentials for returns and value-added growth. These potentials increase exponentially when you buy duplex houses for sale in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Some of the benefits of owning duplex real estate investments include:

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Do you want to buy income property in Toronto? Then, you should consider buying a duplex. Today, an investment in real estate is one of the best ways to build wealth as an investor. However, choosing and managing real estate investments can be complicated for beginners, and even experts.

This is where Real Estate Investment Company comes in. We are one of the leading real estate investment companies in Toronto. As part of our services, we offer partners the opportunity to invest in duplex houses for sale. Are you looking to buy a duplex in Toronto? Perhaps you are considering diversifying your investment portfolio with a duplex property. Our real estate investment experts have the skills and expertise to help you acquire and manage your investment assets!

Our goal is to provide partners with continued asset and income growth. Therefore, the duplex for sale listings that we have in our portfolio is all valuable assets. Discuss your options with our duplex asset management experts today!

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Duplex Property For Sale

Real estate investing is not a new strategy to ensure wealth creation. However, for many, it is still relatively complicated. Also, there are different types of real estate assets available to choose from. This can make buying income property a tough prospect. At Fine Homes Real Estate, our job is to make this process easier for you.

Our real estate investment experts take the time to find the best duplex for sale for investment partners. A duplex is a type of income property that is used for residential purposes. Typically, duplex properties for sale in Toronto consist of two different living units that share a common wall.

There are different configurations for duplexes. Sometimes, a duplex property for sale may be listed to contain two different units separated by a garage. Other times, an over/under combination with two adjacent garages may be the case.

Whatever the case may be, a duplex is a great option for real estate investment. Also, owning this type of income property can offer a wide number of benefits including:

Rental Income
Cash Flow
Tax shelter
Easy strategy for beginners
Mortgage obligations paid by tenants
These benefits can be enjoyed by all investors. Allow our real estate experts to help you own duplex investment property of your own.

Duplex for Sale.

Buying a duplex house for sale can be easier when you work hand in hand with experts. Here at Fine Homes Real Estate, we are home to investment experts with years of experience handling extensive income property portfolios.

We offer complete transparency

Real estate investment requires a certain level of trust. Therefore, it is important that you operate with a real estate investment trust that offers you complete transparency. Here at Fine Homes Real Estate, we will provide you with a step-by-step progress report that allows you to keep track of your holdings.

Additionally, communication is a part of our core values. We provide our investor clients with a line of communication over the course of all income property deals. More importantly, we are always available to take all of your calls and provide you with helpful solutions.

Excellent acquisition research

Real Estate Investment Company does all of the hard work for you. We have a team of experts that go all the way with acquisition research. Our experienced real estate investment experts understand the extent of due diligence that has to be carried out. We will handle all of the environmental and feasibility studies, survey costs and analytical research that has to be done.

Qualification for an FHA investment loan

An FHA investment property loan is one of the fastest ways to own income property with minimal down payments. For your investment property to qualify for a loan, it has to be occupied by the owner for a year. For single-family units, this will mean having to forfeit an entire year’s worth of rent. Additionally, most multi-family units have over 4 units and therefore, do not qualify. Duplex houses for sale do not have these restrictions.

With an FHA investment loan, you can own a duplex with down payments of as little as 3.5%. Our real estate investment experts can help you enjoy this unique benefit. Sit down with our investment experts today!

Savings on an owner-occupied duplex home

An owner-occupied duplex offers you the chance to invest in real estate with zero money down. However, the significant savings offered by owner-occupied duplexes are in mortgage and rent payments.

Firstly, owning an owner-occupied duplex investment property means that you don’t have to pay rent. You can save the annual cost of your rent. Additionally, investors can enjoy the luxury of covering mortgage payments with rental income.

Increased rental income

There are different types of real estate investment properties available for sale. However, few real estate assets offer more opportunities for rental income like a duplex income property. If investor partners can rent out both units, they can bring in more rent than other real estate investment access.

Additionally, the average duplex house for sale has different amenities including a driveway, a backyard and sometimes a lawn. Therefore, tenants, especially in an emerging market can be relied on to pay more in rent.

Boost your real estate investment portfolio as a beginner

Owning a duplex house for sale is a great way to start out your journey as an investor. There is no doubt that buying income property is a great way to guarantee regular income. However, for many people finding the right investment portfolio can be difficult.

With the right team of real estate investment experts, this process can be considerably easier.

Investment Strategies for Duplex

Buying a duplex for sale offers you the opportunity to take advantage of different investment strategies. Our goal is to help clients sustain and increase asset value on an annual basis. To do this, we offer different strategies for investing in a duplex property in Toronto.

Live in one unit and rent out the other

This can be a great way for new investors to harness the benefits of owning a duplex income property. The upside to this investment strategy is that it offers you a place to reside that you can finance with a residential mortgage.

Therefore, investors have the opportunity to offset a large part of their mortgage payments via rental income. Here at Real Estate Investment Company, we offer asset management services that will keep your vacancy rates low and increase the value of rent. This way, you can bank on a steadily increasing stream of rental income to help with mortgage payments.

Additionally, this investment strategy for duplex real estate investment offers impressive tax deductions that you can take advantage of. These tax shelters encompass depreciation that can help you save money on income taxes.

Rent out all units

Another great way to grow your duplex real estate investment is to rent out both units. Duplex buildings contain two different units that share the same wall. The proximity of the two units means that investors can enjoy substantial savings in management and maintenance costs. In the same vein, the cost of insurance premiums for the two units reduce drastically since they share a common roof.

Since the management and maintenance costs reduce drastically, this means that investors can enjoy increased cash flow. With the value-adding strategies implemented by our investment experts, we can increase the value of rent and the overall worth of your investment asset.

Investment in real estate requires due diligence. It is important that you pick a duplex house for sale in an emerging market. This way, the growth rate of your investment portfolio will be positive.

Let our experts help you perform that due diligence. Our real estate investment experts have the experience, tools and skills to find the right markets for you to invest in. We offer proven duplex investment strategies that you can trust.

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We offer our investment partners the opportunity to take advantage of different investment strategies available for duplex buildings. Sit down with our experts today. Let’s discuss your options!

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