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Are you looking for income property for sale? Here at Real Estate Investment Company, we offer our partners the chance to invest in a triplex house. Real estate investment is one of the top ways to ensure a continuous steady stream of income. If you choose the right income property for sale, it can be a great way to diversify your investment portfolio.

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Investing in a Triplex House for Sale

At Real Estate Investment Company, we are fully committed to making the process of investing a triplex house for sale easier. Our experts are also available to help you in every step of the investment process.

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Triplex Houses for Sale

There are different types of income properties for sale. Triplex houses are a relatively new investment asset that offers huge potential for continued income. Therefore, as the leading real estate investment trust in Toronto, we are fully committed to providing partners with the expertise required to invest in the best triplex houses for sale.

A triplex property is a type of income property designed for residential purposes. Typically, a triplex contains three different living units that share a general wall. The configuration and layout of a triplex building can vary from one location to the other.

Sometimes, the three units may be separated by a garage. In certain parts of Toronto, over/under configurations for the living units are the norm. This diversity and versatility make a triplex a good investment asset.

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Triplex Houses in Toronto

Owning a triplex income property in Toronto offers more than an addition to your investment portfolio.

Other upsides to buying a triplex house for sale include:

  • Regular cash flow
  • Regular rental income
  • Offers tax shelter and tax deductions
  • Easier to make monthly mortgage payments
  • Relatively uncomplicated for new investors

These benefits and more are enjoyed by all of our clients. We offer an all-inclusive service that covers every aspect of investing in a triplex building.

How to Invest in a Triplex.

A triplex can be described as an income property that offers different strategies for investment. Here At Real Estate Investment Company, we are fully committed to helping our partners take advantage of these investment opportunities.Our real estate investment team will take the time to explore your financing options and determine the best strategy for your triplex holdings. Additionally, your personal needs can determine the triplex investment strategy that will be perfect for you.

Rent out all three units

This is a straightforward strategy to ensure continuous rental income. Additionally, renting out all three units ensures that you can fully maximize the potential for returns on your triplex holding.

Typically, a triplex houses three units that share a general wall. The location of the three units allows a dedicated asset management team to save money on maintenance and management costs. Therefore, investors and stakeholders in a triplex holding can enjoy the increased cash flow.

Real Estate Investment Company is here to guide you in making the right decisions for your triplex holdings. We offer value-adding systems that can be implemented to increase the value of rental income and the overall worth of your triplex.

Excellent acquisition research

This is another principal way through which investors can manipulate triplex holdings. Triplexes are an investment property that affords owners a place to reside and finance with a basic residential mortgage.If you live in one of your triplex units, you can offset your mortgage payments with a steady stream of rental income. Additionally, an owner-occupied triplex property offers tax deductions and shelters that are hugely beneficial.The key is to buy a triplex house in an emerging market. Emerging markets offer significant potential for increased job creation and occupancy rates. Identifying and acquiring a triplex house for sale in an emerging market is a long term project that requires due diligence and expert help.Here at Real Estate Investment Company, we have the tools, skills, and experience to isolate the best triplex houses for sale in Toronto. Our listings contain different income properties for sale that will fit your unique investment needs.Check our listings today. Alternatively, you can book a sit-down session with our real estate investment experts.

We will help you isolate your selection criteria

Before you start searching for income property for sale, it is important that you know what kind of triplex you are interested in. Our real estate investment experts know what questions to ask to help you make the right choice.

During our initial consultation session, we will ask questions such as:

  • What is your budget for investing in a triplex holding?
  • Are there any markets/neighbourhoods that you are specifically interested in?
  • Are you in search of a move-in ready property or a fixer-upper?

Using these questions and more, our investment experts will help you set your asset preferences. Then, we will find the perfect triplex holding to fit those needs.

Financing Advice

As part of our triplex investment services, we help partners decide how to finance a triplex investment project. There are different ways to finance the purchase of a triplex house for sale.

The first method is to pay for income property by cash. This is the simplest financing option for a triplex investment if the cash is available. However, most people do not have this kind of cash lying around. This is where our financing team comes in.

Conventional loans are one way to finance your triplex investment. For this financing option, the down payment is usually 20%. If it can be paid, then conventional loans may be the option for you. Alternatively, interested investors can apply for an FHA loan. With this option, there are some hoops that have to be jumped through including living in the triplex for a year. However, it offers low down payments of only 3.5%.

Our real estate investment experts will help you select the right financing plan to buy an income property. Come in, let’s discuss your options. We are more than willing to answer any questions that you may have.

Investment Analysis

Are you looking to buy investment property for sale in Toronto? Don’t skip out on the analysis step. Real estate investment portfolios are not selected without analytical data to help you make the right decision.

Here at Real Estate Investment Company, we will undertake all of the work that needs to be done in analyzing a triplex house for sale. Our team will analyze the property to determine its viability based on the estimated profitability of the triplex.

During initial investment analysis, we will isolate the factors that will affect the performance of your income property. In the end, we make sure that your choice of income property is compatible with the factors that will determine its performance.

As part of our investment analysis, we examine the following characteristics of an investment property for sale.

  • Location
  • Appreciation
  • Occupancy rates
  • Cap rate
  • Property valuation

Looking to Buy Triplex in Toronto?

Real Estate Investment Company is dedicated to helping partners pick the best investment assets. For beginners and even experts, the process of research that goes into the acquisition of the right income property can be complicated. Prospective investors have to carry out different types of research including market research, environmental feasibility studies, vacancy and occupancy rates in the area and more. All of this diligence can be complicated and require access to data that may not be available to the average investor.

Here at Real Estate Investment Company, we are fully dedicated to making the process of investing in a triplex real estate holding easier. Our listings contain the best triplex houses for sale in Toronto. Every triplex on our listings has gone through a rigorous process of approval and vetting by our real estate investment experts. Fine Homes Real Estate is a company dedicated to providing investor partners with sustained growth and continued increase in passive income.

Are you looking to buy a triplex in Toronto or the GTA? Perhaps choosing from the many available triplex houses for sale seems impossible. Our experts will make that decision easier. Using our top-notch acquisition research skills and experience in the real estate market, we will help you invest in a triplex located in an emerging market that almost guarantees periodic asset growth.

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We are a real estate investment trust designed to help our investor partners achieve their financing and investment goals. Therefore, we offer an all-inclusive service that offers total transparency, sustained growth and continued asset growth.

Are you looking to buy income property for sale? Perhaps you are having trouble finding the right triplex for sale in Toronto. Check through our listings today. Alternatively, you can sit down with our investment experts today!

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