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Property management is a huge need for many investors in Toronto. Getting financing to buy an investment property is one thing. It is another to make sure that your investment property is constantly providing you with a source of passive income in the form of rent. Sometimes, this can be the hardest part of real estate investment.

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Real Estate Investment Company

Here at Real Estate Investment Company, we understand the unique demands of the real estate market in Toronto. Therefore, using this expertise and experience, our investment property management services are optimized to minimize operating costs and maximize passive income while making life easier for you!

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Residential Property Management

Investment property management is a big need for residential property. Here at Real Estate Investment Company, our services are optimized to allow investors to enjoy the highest possible rental income and attract the best possible quality of tenants. Our residential property rental management services are optimized to make sure that when it is time to sell, investors will get the best possible return on their capital.

Keeping a residential property in the best possible condition is essential to maintain maximum equity. With Real Estate Investment Company managing your property, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.

As part of our residential property management, we handle all inspections, residential property upgrades, repairs, maintenance and rent collections. With our extensive property management experience, we are poised to exceed your expectations.

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Commercial property management

Do you need property management for a commercial investment property? Fine Homes Real Estate is a property management company with the experience, judgement, efficiency, skills and expertise to provide excellent administration for your commercial properties.

Our dedicated staff will handle the day-to-day management of your property including collecting rent, making repairs, budget preparation, preventive maintenance and legal activities.

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Why Choose Fine Homes Real Estate

Real Estate Investment Company is the industry leader in the field of property management. Here’s why.

Hassle-free maintenance

Choosing to maintain a rental property is a full-time business. Most of the time it requires having to carry out certain tasks at inconvenient hours. In addition, it requires extensive knowledge about housing laws, licensing, insurance and local regulations.

If you choose to handle your property management yourself, in addition to the above tasks, you will have to manage tenant emergencies, showing investment property to prospective tenants, phone calls and many more. Doing all of this can be quite a hassle. However, when you choose to work with Fine Homes Real Estate, we will relieve you of this stress.We will take care of the required insurance and licensing to help you manage your property successfully. Our rental property management services are designed to provide you with peace of mind. You can go about your daily tasks knowing that professionals are hard at work ensuring the growth of your investment portfolio.

Competitive pricing

Hiring apartment rental companies in Toronto is an absolute necessity. Every single day that there is a vacancy in your investment property, you lose money that you can’t afford to lose. The cost of property management is well worth it. With Fine Homes Real Estate, you are guaranteed competitive pricing that thousands of investors are comfortable with.Our rental property management services are optimized to maximize return on investment, help investors avoid mistakes and get quality tenants. All of this is done at competitive prices that you will be happy with.

As part of our pricing, investor partners are welcome to enjoy our expertise and multiple years of property management experience from one of the top property management companies in Toronto. We let clients know how much to expect upfront, with no hidden fees. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing.

Our services.

As one of the top-rated apartment rental companies in Toronto, we offer first-class services designed for vertical growth in terms of rental income and equity value.

Tenant selection

A rigorous tenant selection process is an important part of making sure that your investment property runs smoothly. Real Estate Investment Company offers a rigorous tenant selection process that guarantees peace of mind.

Your investment property deserves first-class tenants. With our process of elimination and selection, we will find the best tenants for your residential or commercial property.

Real estate consulting

Rental property management starts with the purchase of the right investment property. Using our advanced acquisition research skills, we will help you isolate the right emerging markets to purchase investment properties.

Buying income property in the right market guarantees that your property management efforts will be easier and successful. It is also a step in the right direction towards ensuring a steady stream of passive income.

Tenant Relations

Apart from selecting the best clients for your investment property, tenant relation is an important part of property management.

From making payments easier to taking care of maintenance requests faster, we offer support that will keep your best tenants happy. With our investment property management services, your tenants will be re-signing their leases every year.

Property management reports

We offer property management reporting that keeps you in the loop. As part of our rental property management we provide monthly and yearly reports. With our property management reporting system, you’re always in the loop.


Your investment property deserves a lot of attention and reach. This way, you can reach your target audience and get the best tenants. As one of the leading providers of rental property management in Toronto, we have proven marketing systems.

The web and advances in digital advertising have changed the way we market investment properties. From getting your property to the top of prominent listings to web and social media advertising, we have marketing systems to help you reach your niche markets.

Timely rent collation

Cash flow is important to maintain and operate investment property. Here at Real Estate Investment Company, our management experts offer efficient follow-up procedure to make sure that rent and other fees are collected as at when due.

Regular Inspections

Periodic inspections are a vital part of our investment property management services. Our property management team will take the time to inspect your investment property. This way, we can ensure that your property is always in the best possible condition.

Strict evictions

Even with a rigorous tenant selection process, sometimes, evictions may be a necessity. We help investment property owners initiate all the legal steps needed to carry out an eviction within the fastest possible time.

Real Estate Investment Company

Real Estate Investment Company is one of the leading providers of investment property management services in Toronto. As a top-rated property management company in Toronto, we provide management services for all types of income properties including condos, multi-family homes, apartment buildings, townhomes, commercial buildings and more. Our property rental management services are designed to help investor partners grow their capital and increase the value of rental income earned from investment properties.

Property management in Ontario is an endeavour that is always evolving. The real estate market in Toronto is hugely competitive and can be complex to manage. Therefore, it is important that when picking from the many apartment rental companies in Toronto, you pick a company that is constantly innovating to provide excellent property management services.

Our property rental management services are known for excellence. Over the past years, we have built up a stellar reputation answering to the property management needs of investors at all levels. Therefore, our services come with a guarantee of excellence. Investors can rest assured that their income properties are being managed by one of the top apartment rental companies in Toronto.

Whether you are a first-time investor with only one income property or a seasoned investor with a string of investment properties that need to be managed. We have got you covered!

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We offer excellent rental property management services that will put your mind at ease. Let your investment property be managed by experts.

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